Online Orders and Shipping

Q. When I order on-line is my credit card information secure?
A. Yes, Pandolfi's uses a secure shopping cart to keep your transaction and your information encrypted and safeguarded at all times during your transaction.

Q. What types of credit cards are accepted?
A. At this time we accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards. Debit transactions are accepted in-store only.

Q. How do I check status of a pending order?
A. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request status of your order

Q. Can I pull up my account if I have ordered previously?
A. Yes, simply go to "address book" feature on the website.


Q. How long will my chocolates last?
A. For maximum enjoyment, Pandolfi's recommends you consume your product within 3 - 4 weeks of your purchase.

Q. How do I store my chocolates?
A. We recommend you store your chocolates in a cool dry place, at a temperature less than 70 degrees and away from any strong odors.

Q. Do you have allergen information?
A. See Pandolfi's Allergen Statement

Q. What is your most popular item?
A. There are three signature items that rotate as number one - we will let your palette decide - they are in no paticular order: Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles, Milk Vanilla Caramels and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Sugar-Free Candy

Q. What is the sugar replacement in your candy?
A. Sugar alcohols such as manitol and maltitol, in addition to other ingredients, have replaced sugar in our sugar-free chocolates. Please note, these may have a laxative effect in some after consumption.

Q. Are sugar-free chocolates low calorie?
A. Sugar-free chocolates are comparable to their sugar-filled companions in calorie content.


Q. Can I add a greeting to my box of chocolates?
A. Of course, please specify your greeting at time of ordering and we will include. Please note, text space is limited.

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